High Quality Handmade Functional Glass Artwork

Barware, scientific glass, & functional glass art

Mark Picozza

Owner & Artist

“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to check out my work. Whether or not you make a purchase, I am glad I have the opportunity to share my passion with you. 

Every piece on this site is made by myself with much care and attention. Because I am the sole artist, I will be posting new work as often as possible and will notify you guys when that happens so that you don’t miss out.

Thank you for the support! 


High End, Hand Crafted Barware

Beer, whiskey, wine & Champagne glasses

Venture Glass specializes in high end, hand crafted barware. Glass carefully maniuplated into beer, whiskey, wine and champagne glasses of various shapes and styles. 

Perfect gift for a whiskey loving father, wine loving mother or, of course the hophead in your life!


Functional Scientific Glass

Oil rigs, Flower tubes & More

Lathe spun, clear glass oil rigs, flower tubes, carb caps and more. Clear glass crafted with precision; captivating to the eye while maintaining focus on the function.

Venture Glass’s functional scientific glass pieces are crafted with intensive attention to detail and held to an unbelievably high standard. Created to last!

Heady Functional Art

dry pipes, oil rigs, & more

Venutre Glass has spent many years crafting collector worthy, dry pipes, oil rigs, flower tubes and other various types of functional glass art pieces.

Heady functional art is only available as it is made, as each one of these pieces are unique and are generally one of a kind!


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